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David Fain

David Fain is a third generation Y supporter. His grandfather was a member and his father was a past Board Chair. So it is no surprise that David began coming to the Y as a child, attending after-school programs and swimming at the Spruce Street YMCA. He also had his first overnight camping experiences at YMCA Camp Hanes.

"More recently, my involvement rekindled with an invitation from a lifelong friend to join the Association Board of Directors," David explains. "He told me that the Y board was well organized and that my service would be fulfilling. He was right, and that was when my real connection with the Y began."

David is the 2011-2013 Chairman of the Board of Directors and his family are active members of the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA. His volunteer work initially focused on Property and Risk Management. "Later, I joined the Financial Development Committee and served as its Chair for two years. This service opportunity put me right in the middle of the Annual Giving Campaign, helping me understand just how many people's lives are really impacted through the generous gifts of all donors," David says.

David heard about the Y's Endowment Fund, called the Heritage Club. "When Mr. Bill White passed away and the Central YMCA was renamed the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA, it became even clearer what membership in the Heritage Club could do for the Y," he shares. "Our family has a long tradition of supporting the Y and our community.

The mission of the Y really made joining easy. I see the Y's mission at work right here in our community. By joining the Heritage Club, I set an example for my children and others around me to follow. I want to ensure that the Y is able to continue serving all people in our community."