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Larry Mull

Larry Mull first attended YMCA Camp Hanes as a camper. "It was a boost to my self-confidence and there was a strong feeling of belonging. Those summers as a camper really helped shape the person I am today," Larry says.

Larry's experiences had such a lasting impact that not only did he return as a counselor, but later in life he returned as a volunteer. "Volunteering allows me to be involved with something very meaningful," he says. "We can't all be on the frontlines, but if everyone gave some time or money, we could make a huge difference."

When Larry learned about the Heritage Club, the YMCA's Endowment Fund, he saw it as a way to make a lasting impact on others' lives. "When I heard about this opportunity, I knew it I wanted to do it," Larry says. "I see this as a great way to make a long-lasting contribution to the YMCA."

Anyone can become a Heritage Club member by making a gift or future commitment to the YMCA Endowment Fund. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are kept in perpetuity and invested to generate income that is used to further the work of the YMCA. How a donor chooses to make a gift varies; the gift could be a bequest in a will, a beneficiary designation, a charitable trust or gift annuity or an outright gift of money, securities, real estate or other assets.